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RSFR: A Recursive Self-Testable and Fault-Tolerant Routing Protocol for NoC Routers
A Distributed Method for Preventing Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
K2Router: A Low-Power and High-Performance Router Design for Networks-On-Chip
Deadlock-Free Path-Based Fault-Tolerant Multicast Communications on 2-D Mesh Networks-on-Chip
A Class of Odd-Radix Chordal Ring Networks
Anonymous Communication in MANETs Using Pseudonymity in Chain-Based Routing
A Similarity-Based Framework for Integrated Temporal Partitioning and Physical Design of Reconfigurable Computing Systems
Performance Analysis of Fully Adaptive Routing Algorithms in Wormhole-Switched Interconnect Networks ∗
A Routing Algorithm for the Star Interconnection Network in the Presence of Faults*