A High Speed Mixed Mode 4:2 Compressor

A High Speed Mixed Mode 4:2 Compressor

Keivan Navi, Omid Kavehie, Poya Asadi


In this paper a very fast 4-2 compressor is introduced. Considering the fact that technological miniaturization is going to reach to its physical limits, there is no way except presenting new approaches and using new architectures. In this design we have improved the overall speed of the system using combined voltage and current mode circuits. All the simulation are done based on BSIMv3 and .25 um technology. We have used Hspice and CosMos-Scope tools. The input patterns are generated and applied with MATLAB. According to the simulations, the proposed circuit has demonstrated significant improvement in terms of speed and power dissipation. The parameter used to compare the simulations reseals is PDP (power delay product). The other factor in order to compare these two designs is the number of transistors used. The proposed design illustrates 20% reduction in the transistor count.


Voltage Mode, Current Mode, Mixed Mode, Compressor, VLSI, 4:2 Compressor