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Recommendation in Online Q&A Communities Based on BERT Pre-training Technique
Topology-Aware Graph Signal Sampling for Pooling in Graph Neural Networks
Guided Ridge Regression-Based Polarimetric-Spatial Feature Extraction for Classification of Polarimetric SAR Images
Authorship identification from unstructured texts: A stylometric approach
C-W-FCM: Constrained Weighted Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm with a Semi-Supervised Approach for Text Classification
An Improvement of Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm with a Decision Tree for Feature Selection in Text Document Classification
The Construction of Fuzzy Classification Systems Using the Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm
Email Spam Detection Using Linear Discriminant Analysis Based on Clustering
Deep Learning for Horse Breed Recognition
Spatial-Spectral Hyper Spectral Classification Based on Statistical Dependence between Adjacent Pixels
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