Improved RNS for RSA Hardware Implementation

Improved RNS for RSA Hardware Implementation

Kooroush Manochehri Kalantari, Saadat Pour Mozafari, Babak Sadeghiyan


There are many methods for RNS implementation. The Bajard method is the fastest RNS implementation until now. One of the goals of this paper is to optimize this method to achieve higher performance for hardware implementation of RSA cryptosystem. Higher performance means increase in processing speed and less area. Proper hardware architectures for this method are proposed. For this purpose the number of multiplications is the criterion of the processing speed and the required memory for saving the constant values indicates the area required for this system. The number of multiplications is reduced by 400/(3k+11) percent (k is the number of modulus) in the final improved system and the number of constant values reduced by 50 percent.


RNS, RSA, hardware implementation, cryptosystem, modular multiplication, modular exponentiation