Grid-JQA: A New Method for Matching in Grid Environment

Grid-JQA: A New Method for Matching in Grid Environment

Leila Mohammad Khanli, Morteza Analoui


The Grid is an emerging technology for enabling resource sharing and coordinated problem solving in dynamic multi-institutional virtual organizations. This paper presents algorithms, methods, and software for a Grid resource manager, responsible for resource brokering and scheduling in Grids. The broker selects computing resources based on actual job requirements and a number of criteria identifying the available resources, with the aim to minimize the turnaround time for the individual application. In pervious work, we proposed Grid-JQA [8] [9]. In this work we propose an aggregation formula for the QoS parameters. The formula is a unit less combination of the parameters together with weighting factors. It is shown that the formula needs to put into a threshold consideration. A discussion on the threshold and its level is also provided. The paper is finalized by the results obtained from simulation and a comparison study.


Distributed resource management, Grid-JQA, heterogeneous computing, Quality of Service, Matching