Object Tracking in an Image Sequence

Object Tracking in an Image Sequence

Payman Haqiqat, Reza Safabakhsh


Tracking moving objects in an image sequence is one of the important topics in computer vision. The huge volume of investigations carried out by researchers in recent decades in this field, and the different methods developed to solve this problem in different applications are witnesses to this claim. Because of the wide range of techniques involved and the variety of proposed solutions, it is not easy to master the background and begin a research in this field. Presentation of the issues arising in this area and reviewing the related research work can help the new researchers of the field and facilitate their work. This paper discusses the general issues involved in object tracking, and presents the over view of literature existing in this field in the form of a useful classification. Also, the parameters influencing an object-tracking system and the features of an ideal object-tracking system are discussed. In addition, Different applications of object-tracking systems are also introduced in the course of the discussions.


motion detection, moving object tracking, image sequence analysis