Classifier Combination: Diversity Creation and Combination Methods

Classifier Combination: Diversity Creation and Combination Methods

Ehsanollah Kabir, Seyyed Hassan Nabavi-kerizi


The combination of multiple classifiers is shown to be suitable for improving the performance of pattern recognition systems. The theoretical and experimental results in the literature clearly show that combining multiple classifiers is only effective if the individual classifiers are accurate and diverse. Selecting a suitable combination method and the diversity of an ensemble of classifiers are known to be important key issues in constructing a good ensemble system. The combination method should be selected so that the classifiers complement each other. In this paper we review diversity creation methods including implicit and explicit methods. Also a review on combination methods is presented that covers the following rules: maximum, minimum, mean, product, voting, Bayesian, fuzzy integral, decision template and Dempster-Shafer.


ensemble system, base classifiers, combination methods, diversity, decision fusion