A Distributed Area Based Method for WSN Localization

A Distributed Area Based Method for WSN Localization

Fatemeh Darakeh, Gholam-Reza Mohammad-Khani, Paeiz Azmi


A good wireless sensor network localization method tries to raise accuracy and reduce complexity cost, simultaneously. In this regard, a low cost fully distributed method that relies on adjacency constraints is presented in this paper. In this regard, an extended communication range is introduced which guarantees to encompass the communication range of target node with unknown location. Utilizing this extended bound makes cooperative localization possible. Each node finds the most probable square area, by iteratively solving two constrained convex optimization problems using extended bound for target nodes and communication range for anchor nodes. As well as, it is proven that the algorithm converges after finite number of iterations. Also, low communication complexity of the algorithm makes it suitable for many applications. In addition, experimental results of many simulations will show that the proposed algorithm outperforms seven other            well-known range-free methods in homogenous and heterogeneous networks, also has acceptable run time than its counterparts.


Wireless Sensor Network, Localization, Range Free, Cooperation, Convex Optimization, Distributed Computing