A Low-Power Hierarchical FinFET-Based SRAM

A Low-Power Hierarchical FinFET-Based SRAM

Somayeh Maabi, Sina Sayyah Ensan, Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri, Shaahin Hessabi


In this paper, a low-power energy-efficient hierarchical SRAM design capable of working in near-threshold region is proposed. The proposed method enhances the noise margin using an extra circuitry, while restricting the hardware redundancy by sharing the additional circuitry between each two SRAM cells in a hierarchical style. The results of simulating the FinFET-based SRAM cells using Synopsys HSPICE at 10nm technology node indicate that the proposed design reduces, on average, the power-delay product, read and write delays by 14.34%, 2.37% and 8.54%, respectively, and significantly improves the static noise margins even in the presence of major process variations.


Static Random Access Memory (SRAM), Multiport Memories, Low-Power Design, Static Noise Margin (SNM), FinFET, Nanoelectronics